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1967 Austin FX4.
1967 Austin FX4
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Address: Bristol, PA Mileage: 61,050
Exterior Color: TUXEDO BLACK Interior Color: CAMEL
Transmission: Manual Body Style: COLLECTOR
Condition: Excellent
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HERE IS A SUPER CLEAN 1967 AUSTIN FX4 TAXI. THIS IS A REAL NICE AUTHENTIC TAXI FROM LONDON. THIS IS IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION. IT EVEN HAS THE FARE METER STILL IN THE CAR. IT RUNS AND DRIVES PERFECT IN EVERYWAY. THE EXTERIOR IS TUXEDP BLACK AND FREE FROM ANY RUST AND BODY PANELS ARE NICE AND STRAIGHT. THE INTERIOR CAMEL TAN AND IS JUST AS CLEAN WITH NO RIPS OR TEARS. THIS IS A GREAT CAR TO DRIVE AROUND IN PARADES OR A NICE SUNDAY DRIVE!!! HERE IS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE CAR. Specification and Production FX4Passenger taxi 1958Start of vehicle production 1997End of vehicle production 75,000Total production run 4,583Length (mm) 2,812Wheelbase (mm) 1,753Width (mm) 1,765Height (mm) 2.2LDiesel 60Speed (mph) 4Passengers 7.6Turning circle (m) History: Any visitor to the London would instantly recognize the Austin FX4 taxi. It is one of Britain's most well-known motoring icons. The Austin FX4 became a regular sight in London and in towns and cities across the country. From 1982 onwards production switched to Car bodies, later becoming London Taxis International (LTI). The FX4 remained in production for nearly forty years. 75,000 examples were produced by Austin and Car bodies/LTI between 1958 and 1997. The FX4 remains a relatively common sight in London despite the introduction of successive, new taxi models. The design of the FX4 was collaboration between Austin, taxi-dealers Mann & Overton and coachbuilders Car bodies. In Britain taxis must be approved by the Public Carriage Office (PCO). Requirements include a turning circle of just 25ft/7.6 meters. The FX4 used a update of it's predecessor's chassis (the FX3) but with a new body. The first production prototype FX4 was approved by the PCO on 14 July 1958. By November 1958 the FX4 was on sale in Britain. The FX4 was replaced by the LTI TX1 in 1997, but they remain a common sight on London's streets. Once ubiquitous across the streets of London, and typically announced with a cheery where to, guv'nor?, the Austin Taxi is as iconic a representative of that historic city as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, or now, the Duchess of Cambridge"s. The FX4 debuted in 1958, in replacement of the FX3. It was developed by a consortium that included Austin Motor Company LTD, London Taxi dealer. Manna Overton, and coachbuilder Car bodies Limited of Coventry. Under its different corporate parents, the FX4 remained in production for the better part of 40 years. Price: $14,995,
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