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1970 Jaguar E-Type.
1970 Jaguar E-Type
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Address: Charlotte, NC Mileage: 81,221
Exterior Color: Burgundy Interior Color: Tan
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It's hard to know where to start with this 1970 Jaguar E-Type. To the most folks it's merely one of the most beautiful things ever made by man. Yet to Jaguar enthusiasts it's more important to know the tech facts: 4.2-liter six (matching-numbers by the way) 4-speed gearbox and no issues underneath. The truth is you really can't separate the beauty from the hardware and perhaps that's been Jaguar's secret all along. The 2+2 was a late addition to the E-Type roster but it's also the most practical. While some purists might scoff at this "Americanized" Jag the bottom line is that it still makes you stop in your tracks when you see it. If that isn't the definition of gorgeous I don't know what is. Covering it in stunning burgundy metallic paint only enhances the mouth-watering look and it's really hard to resist running your fingertips along the sinuous flanks of this sleek cat. Paint and bodywork are quite nicely done and it helped that the car underneath was in really good shape to begin with so no major surgery was required. The massive forward-tilting hood (OK bonnet) fits well the doors have a light effortless feel and close with a pleasant sound and the gaps are quite good throughout so someone spent the time to line it all up properly. The two-stage urethane paint is impossibly glossy perfectly suitable to a car like this and the metallic underneath gives it a wonderful glow. Chrome is well-placed and restrained but elegant and you'll note that the bumpers fit flush to the bodywork the trim around the windows shine up nicely and there are four shiny exhaust pipes poking out from under the rear bumper. This car simply doesn't have a bad angle. Inside tan leather is fitted and nothing looks more British than that. Recent seat covers look great and have just a bit of patina that makes them even more attractive than simple perfection and the door panels rear seat and cargo area are all upholstered to match. The thin wood-rimmed steering wheel dances in your hands when you're driving hard but on long-distance cruises a task to which this car is ideally suited it's relaxing and easy. Driving enthusiasts will be delighted to see the 4-speed manual shifter in the center instead of the automatic and the classic elegant and simple Smiths gauges remind you that this isn't an average car. A modern AM/FM/CD/iPod stereo has been fitted to make driving even more delightful but you'll quickly learn that the engine note is a better tune. The engine is a 4.2-litre inline-six and is preferred by many Jaguar enthusiasts for its ability to rev and more sporting demeanor let alone lighter weight compared to the later V12. The finned cam covers are distinctive and with twin side-draft carburetors it makes the most delicious mechanical sounds. It's nicely sorted and serviced and you'll probably find that it's far more reliable than the wives' tales would have you believe. Clutch take-up is silky smooth the shifter has a precise mechanical feel and the suspension is at once athletic and supple a combination Jaguar has long since mastered. Inboard disc brakes out back are a Jaguar tradition and beautiful chrome wires with 185HR15 radials give it a very British look. A stunning strong-running E-Type is a joy in every way and this 2+2 puts it within reach of almost anyone. Call today! This vehicle is located in our Charlotte showroom. For more information please call or toll free . Price: $33,995
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